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Have you left your renewal too late?

09 Aug 2010

Statement from the Osteopathy Board of Australia

If your registration renewal was due on 30 June or 1 July, then you are now outside the one month grace period and you will shortly receive written advice that your registration has lapsed.

However, in recognition of the special circumstances around the introduction of the national registration scheme on 1 July 2010, a fast track application will be available to general registrants. In addition, the application fee will be waived, but the annual registration fee will apply.

The letter advising of de-registration will provide general registrants with a copy of the fast track application. Alternatively you can ring our helpline now on 1300 419 495 if you want the form emailed to you. The fast track application differs from the standard application in that it:

  • does not require proof of identity
  • does not require verification of qualifications if recorded as part of previous registration
  • does not require verification of English language skills
  • does not require registration history, work history or CPD declarations

Limited and other registrants will need to complete the relevant application form but will be advised that they do not need to provide information in relation to the information items listed above, which are not required for the fast track process.

You will need to know your registration number in the national scheme to complete the fast track application. This will be provided on your letter or you can look it up on the Registers of Practitioners.

Page reviewed 9/08/2010