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Osteopathy stakeholders information published

17 Nov 2021

To keep the public safe, the Osteopathy Board of Australia (the Board) works with other regulators and stakeholders, all of who are relevant to registered osteopaths and students.

The Board has published a new diagram – Osteopathy stakeholders – Roles and responsibilities - that gives an overview of the different regulators and stakeholders in Australia in the osteopathy profession.

‘Protecting the public takes the work of many organisations, one of which is the Board. It’s important we work with other regulators and stakeholders to regulate and support the profession so practitioners can practise safely’, said Board Chair Nikole Grbin.

‘We each have our own roles and responsibilities and it’s important that registered osteopaths and students know what these are. We hope that this diagram will help explain who does what in osteopathy regulation which can be a confusing space’.

‘For example, it’s the role of the Board to register osteopaths and students and to develop registration guidelines, standards and codes for osteopaths, among other roles. Whereas areas like supporting and representing the interests of osteopathy members is the role of Osteopathy Australia’, Nikole said.

To read the overview of the roles and responsibilities of different osteopathy stakeholders and to view the diagram, please visit the Board’s Osteopathy stakeholders – Roles and responsibilities website.

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