Osteopathy Board of Australia - 2019 Capabilities for osteopathic practice in effect
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2019 Capabilities for osteopathic practice in effect

02 Dec 2019

The Capabilities for osteopathic practice (2019) set out the attributes, knowledge and skills required for osteopathic practice in Australia and, as of 1 December, are in effect.

Replacing the original 2009 version, the Capabilities for osteopathic practice (2019) (the capabilities) are a result of an extensive review process and describe the threshold competence for initial and continuing registration as an osteopath in Australia.

‘The osteopathy profession is constantly evolving and has changed significantly in the past decade. The revised capabilities better reflect an osteopaths’ scope of practice, their education and training and the framework in which we operate,’ Board Chair Dr Nikole Grbin said.

‘The capabilities outline the attributes, knowledge and skills that all osteopaths should be equipped with to practise safely and ethically, and that they should continue to develop throughout their careers. Some significant additions include cultural competence and cultural safety, safe and quality use of medicine and leadership in educating students, graduates and the public,’ Nikole said.

The 2019 capabilities specifically acknowledge the need for osteopaths to enhance their individual and institutional knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies needed to deliver optimal health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as determined by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, families and communities.

‘It’s vital all osteopaths, whether practising or working in roles such as education or management, are familiar with the capabilities and understand how to apply them to their practice. The Board has published a video, Getting to know your revised osteopathy capabilities, and a range of other supporting documents I strongly encourage practitioners engage with,’ Nikole said.

These resources can be found on the Capabilities for osteopathic practice page of the Board’s website.

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