Osteopathy Board of Australia - 2014/15 National Scheme annual report launched
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2014/15 National Scheme annual report launched

06 Nov 2015

The 2014/15 annual report: AHPRA and National Boards has been published.

The report details the work of the National Boards and AHPRA in implementing the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme over the 12 months to 30 June 2015.

There are now more than 637,218 health practitioners registered to practise in Australia, from 14 different professions, representing overall growth of 2.9% over the past year.

Osteopathy Board of Australia Chair Dr Nikole Grbin (Osteopath) said assurance, challenge and improvement in proportionate regulation remained the focus for National Boards.

‘As National Boards we strive to be a driving force for positive change and thought leadership in public safety and facilitating access to health services,’ Dr Grbin said.

‘Our efforts continue to identify a range of activities to improve patient safety and the quality of regulation for health professions. This report helps to inform the public and health practitioners how we meet our objectives and responsibilities on their behalf,’ she said.

‘Information about each of these registered health practitioners is easily available to the community through the national online register,’ said Martin Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer of AHPRA.

‘Maintaining an up to date national register is one of the most important ways in which we protect the public.’

For the osteopathy profession, the report reveals that:

  • 2,000 osteopaths were registered at the end of June 2015, an increase of 7.2 per cent from the previous year 
  • five notifications (concerns/complaints) were received about osteopaths (excluding NSW where there is a co-regulatory system)1 
  • seven notifications about osteopaths were closed by 30 June 2015 
  • of the seven cases closed under the National Scheme, the Osteopathy Board of Australia determined:
    • to take no further action or that the case was to be handled by the relevant health complaints entity in the relevant state or territory in four cases 
    • that conditions be imposed on a osteopath practitioner’s registration in two cases, and 
    • one case resulted in cancellation or suspension of an osteopath practitioner’s registration. 
  • the Board finalised its consultations for the review of the core registration standards that have been in place since the start of the National Scheme 
  • the Board started reviews of the Capabilities for osteopathic practice and the Accreditation standards for osteopathic programs of study 
  • the Board undertook risk-based planning to prioritise its regulatory work, based on identified areas of higher risk to the public, and to ensure that any regulatory response by the Board is evidence based, appropriate and proportionate, and 
  • stakeholder and co-regulatory relationships were areas of focus for the Board, with the Osteopathy Board undertaking key meetings with the Osteopathy Council of NSW and Osteopathy Australia.

The 2014/15 Annual Report includes a detailed report - including data - for the Osteopathy Board of Australia.

A media release about the report - with data across professions and jurisdictions - is published on the AHPRA website.

A report, which presents the data specific to osteopathy practice, will be published on the Board’s website before the end of the calendar year. 

For more information

Download a PDF of this Media release - 2014-15 National Scheme annual report launched - 6 November 2015 (206 KB,PDF)

1NSW is part of the National Scheme but notifications about practitioners’ health, performance and conduct are handled by the HCCC and the NSW health professional councils supported by the HPCA.

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